Gliss added to Desert Daze w/ Blonde Redhead, Liars and more…

We are excited to be playing DESERT DAZE FEST 2014 April 26th w Blonde Redhead, The Raveonettes, Liars, Deap Vally and more !!

Desert Daze


Bullett Magazine premiering our brand new video for our single “The Sea Tonight”. Deluxe album release on Nov 19th!!

“Weight of Love” featured on “666 Park Avenue” !!

Our single “Weight of Love” has been getting a lot of attention lately, which we are very happy about. This week you will be able to hear it on ABC’s “666 Park Avenue”. It airs Sunday November 25th at 10PM/9PM Central. Yay!!!!

Shows and EP Release

We will be performing all the tracks from our EP at the shows this week. EP will be available starting Friday at the LA show.

Wednesday – Soda Bar in San Diego
Friday – The Roxy w/ She Wants Revenge
Tuesday – Rickshaw Stop – San Francisco w/ Io echo (Official Gliss EP Release Party)

See you there.. x

cover lo rez

New Tour Dates

Gliss announcing tour dates with Glasvegas

We are really excited to be heading out on the road with our wonderful friends Glasvegas. Please check our shows page for confirmed cities.xoxo Gliss

>Near completion!

>Very close to finishing album number 3. It’s been a long year, we are excited.
Started shooting a video with legendary director Paul Boyd, and we feel very lucky about that. We were fortunate to meet him through our good friends in Glasvegas.
We will of course put up the video later on, but for now, here is a still:
(Victoria floating around in a large beautiful ocean)

Other exciting news would be a trip to Sweden to finish up this piece!



>New gear and new songs…

>This morning we went to the Gibson Showroom to pick up some new gear. We got the Epiphone country deluxe guitar and a blues custom amp. Went straight to the studio and recorded all day. Now all we need is a proper mic stand…

>The fun continues

>I had so much fun on thursday that I couldn’t let it end there. So friday I decided to go to the Schindler House. It was peaceful and beautiful. I stayed til they closed, the whole time pretending it was my place. This is my room:

It was such a nice warm day, and I stayed out for awhile, walking everywhere..
Saturday was even better. Started off with a trip to Santa Monica. I went to the farmers market and got carrots. Then I walked down to the beach and looked at the mountains and the water, and read a book. Then I visited my friends before leaving for a lomography class.. Hopefully the pictures will come out alright. Realized halfway through the roll, I had it set kinda wrong.
My friends are here all the way from Scotland. They are in a great band called Glasvegas, if you don’t know them yet, you will soon. Check them out on Youtube. They are lovely:

The lomography class was so interesting. We all walked around West Hollywood and took random pictures. If my pictures come out alright, I will post some later this week.

Today I went to LACMA for some classical music and a bit of art. A bit of Andy Warhol…. First time I saw the soup can picture in person 🙂

When all that was over, what could possibly make the night better..?? oh yeah…Yogurtland!~ It was good….
And now it’s time for some Twin Peaks…long overdue…..