>Zuhair Blog 6

>Monday 2.38PM
Walking into a music store, The Hair knows he needs something from there, but does not remember what it is…He finally settles on an ukulele. About 2 hours later he yells ” Fuck, I didnt need a ukulele, I needed earplugs!”

2.53PM Driving through Berlin:
Starring at the car in front of us in amazement, Zuhair goes ” That dudes tow hitch looks like a giant dildo”

3.02PM – Berlin:
“I never get piss boners…Maybe I should talk to my doctor”

GLISS does a live interview on MOTOR FM in Berlin, and the DJ brings upThe Hairs bathroom habbits, and translates it to german for the listeners!
Afterwards The Hair says proudly ” I never thought my shits would get me laid, but now Im kinda famous in Berlin”

3.52PM Berlin
” I haven’t even taken a shit today and I have only farted once”

3.58PM Berlin
“So far all the shitters in Germany have been fantastic”

8PM Berlin – at the venue
” I still haven’t shat today…Its pissing me off”

9PM To David and Martin:
” Both of you make me wanna vomit on a regular basis”

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