>The Hair bear in Europe PART 3

>Thursday Florence, Italy:
5am : ” Are we at a fucking coke party?”


Friday, Ravenna, Italy:
7.30PM at venue: Discovering the dressing room has a toilet with toilet seat:
“Oh man, this is superb…I’m just gonna go look at it”

12am at Venue: To Victoria and David :” You guys are fucking assholes”

4am at hotel: ” I gotta look at my toe”

4.15am at hotel: “Takes off shirt and says ” look at how fucking buff I am . I am in Italy, please don’t put cheese on my fucking pizza”

4.16 at hotel: Goes down to the reception area half naked to get internet code.

4.20am at hotel: I am just gonna say this real quick “Im gonna pass out real soon”

4.30am at hotel: Basically yells at Victoria: ” There’s a lack of fucking toilet seats in this god damn country. You can put that down, it’s a fucking quote”

4.31am at hotel: The Hair talking to himself in the bathroom
“The fuck what? Soap what? You don’t wash your hands before you brush your teeth”

4.45 am at hotel: After reading today’s Hair blog:
” These things come out of my fucking mouth, how is that even possible?”

4.46am : The Hair turns on the tv and says : ” I got the skag channel, it’s in Italian”

4.47am at hotel: Changes channel and is watching Chuck barry play a Gibson 330, he then says knowingly:
“I may not know much about guitars, but that to me looks like a fucking SG”

5am: Rummages through the closet and says:
“hey , you guys dont mind if I jee jee jee jee jee”….

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