>The Hair Bear in Europe – Part Two!

>10.35am Florence:
The Hair purchases an apple from the italian farmers market. As he sinks his happy teeth into the apple he realizes to his dismay it is soft.

10.53am Driving between Florence and Rome:
The Hair wonders aloud: ” I only shat once yesterday – 1 time”

12.02pm – At a rest stop on our way to Rome
Upon realizing not all italian bathrooms have toilet seats, The Hair retracts his previous statement of “I can shit anywhere”.

2.25pm Rome
The Hair crosses 2 lanes in massive italian traffic – and that is mental! – to get to the right exit. He then sighs ” Fuck, I just came”

8.25pm -Having dinner with the promoters in Rome:
The Hair’s back gets hit with 2 freshly baked pizzas, by the waiter, -whilst wearing cardigan-, and it results in all the tomatoes falling off his bruschetta. He puts down his plate in anger.

2am – in front of the hotel in Rome:
The Hair is watching David changing his pants in the van , and screams in horror ; ” OH MY GOD – I JUST SAW A TESTICLE” !!


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