>The Hair Bear in Europe – The beginning!

>As some of you know by now, our good friend The Hair or The Hair Bear, has flown out to help us on the road. He is an interesting young man, and we have decided to create a blog documenting his whereabouts. This blog will be updated frequently throughout our European tour. Do not miss it!

Monday 1am, Zurich:
The Hair’s cardigan gets nicknamed “tittygan”. He is upset.

Monday 1.30am,Zurich:
The Hair gets knighted by a drunk girl, who cannot say “Z-hair”, and therefor calls him “Sir-hair”.

Tuesday 11.10am, The Alpes:
The Hair jumps out of van when he discovers a beetle on his leg. He jumps back and forth,to and fro, to get rid of the beetle – he does not want to touch it! This will henceforth be known as “The Beetle-dance”

Tuesday 11.25am, The Alpes:
The Hair is having iPhone problems.It seems to not want to turn on.

Tuesday 11.26,The Alpes:
The Hair is enjoying a Schweppes, whilst driving. The iPhone is finally working and he looks pleased, smiling as he drives through The Alpes.

Tuesday 3.10PM, Italy:
The Hair is enjoying a ham sandwich. He gets upset and scared when he thinks there is cheese in the sandwich. To his delight he discovers it is in fact an egg.

Tuesday 7.04PM, Florence:
The Hair observes that Italian women age in 2 ways: 1. Gracefully or 2. Looking like the mom from Sopranos

Tuesday 11.45PM, In front of Enoteca Bar in Florence:
The Hair exclaims: “I look like half a trans-sexual”. He then goes home to our apartment.

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