>Only a few more UK dates

>It is wednesday night ( I think), we just played in Guildford. It was nice, a lot of people from the show in London last night, came out. So thank you for making it a fun night. We were pretty tired when we showed up, cos we only slept 3 hours or so. The bar last night didnt close til 4am, and we had to get up at 8am. We went to the Gibson show room today, it was really nice! Then went to Tiger Tours and got a new van. But first we got a parking ticket.
Tonight we are staying with a new friend out in the country, actually in a cemetery. It could freak some people out I suppose, but it is actually very cozy and warm! And there is a bed here. I am very relaxed. The guys are already sleeping. I am uploading a bit more video from last week, cos people keep emailing me about more video from the road. It’s just been so insanely busy, I haven’t had much time to go through it all yet. I have so much video…But here is a bit from last week…Wow…last week.It seems like 2 months ago….

2 thoughts on “>Only a few more UK dates

  1. >Hey Gliss!Great gig in Lausanne – hope to see you again another time – consider yourselves as having gained some new fans last night. Thankyou for coming.

  2. >Hey guys! Was pretty cool to spend a litlle time with you yesterday. Hope you liked the itv and haven't been to afraid of my language skills! The show was really great, i had a lot of fun. a few months ago, i discovered a great band and a great album, now i've discovered a great live band an nice people!thanks a lot! A hope i'll have the chance to see you again!Raphaël

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