>Loving Glasgow!!!

We are on our way to Barnsley. We have never been before. We just spent 4 days in Scotland, and I am ready to move there. It was so amazing. First stop was Edinburgh, but I think I already wrote a blog about that…Just in case I didn’t, here’s the short version of it: Played a show and went on a 3 hour walking tour and learned everything about the old buildings, the witch hunts and the ghosts. Then we went to Glasgow. I knew that was gonna be insanely rad, just because we have friends up there. Sure enough, they came out to the show and brought another band with them from Denmark called Mew. So there we were …Three bands out partying in Glasgow. Gliss, Glasvegas and Mew. That was fun!
I don’t even know how many bars we went to, but it got more and more fun and weird. Finally at some point in the morning, we ended up at some small bar, that was supposed to be closed, but they let us in, and there were about 20 people down there in the basement partying. As we are standing at the bar, a cute female midget ( she looked like a very small Britney Spears) walks up to us, looks at David and yells:
“OY! Where are you from?”, and as she yells that, she jumps into the air and slaps him really hard right in the face!!! One of our friends just looked at David and said “Welcome to Glasgow”.
It’s probably the best thing I have experienced EVER! David looked really confused, it was really funny… Then she grabbed Martin and dragged him out on the dance floor…I can’t even describe how funny that was. She was half the size of Martin, and as they are dancing she starts rubbing her ass up against him. David and I were laughing so hard, we were crying.
Next day we slept all day and did laundry, then went out again at night.
So it’s been fun. Although Martin and David are constantly rude to me. They love it. Like yesterday..This is what happened, when I was about to tell a funny story:
Martin goes: “I dont wanna hear your stories anymore, they are giving me a headache, you are so over the top”
And did I mention we only had 2 small beds in the room? Guess who slept on the floor for 2 days! ME!
As we are about to go out David says:” Boys night out, bring the ladies home. Victoria you need to find a place to stay tonight or sleep in the van!”
I am gonna keep writing down all the rude things they say to me, hehe… I am never rude to them, I am basically a saint!
My body is hurting, especially my heart. It must be all those energy drinks..Or something..Maybe I will take it easy tonight after the show. Oh, just realized we don’t have a place to sleep tonight. Great…


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