>Manchester tonight

>It is monday morning and we are on our way to Manchester. I had phone problems and missed 2 phone interviews, that sucked. But I did a bit of rescheduling. Hit up a gas station and got a “top-up” as they call it over here, for my UK phone.
We are driving a huge splitter van, I am in the back, freezing!! As some of you know already, I forgot my jacket in Los Angeles. Right now I borrowed Martin and David’s jackets, one wrapped around my legs. The promoter from Manchester just called to warn us about the cold weather. Apparently it’s only gonna get worse, cos we are heading north to Scotland tomorrow. Then Glasgow on wednesday, which I am looking very much forward to.
We are listening to the David Lynch song, ” Dark night of the soul”, produced by Sparklehorse and Dangermouse. It is SICK! ( yeah, I use that word as a compliment)
There’s a bunch of hills and cows and sheep right outside the windows. Trippy…
I’m tired and cold….I need a pair of wool socks and a nice hug, please !
x x


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