>Still out here folks…

>Can never really seem to find the time and energy to write the blogs. But here we go.. We went to NYC the other day, and it was rad as always to be back. I love that city. Friday night we went to The Bowery and ended up going to a bar most of the night. Well, I did anyways. The guys were beat and fell asleep in the van. But it sure caught up to me the next day. Fell asleep in the van outside the club in Philly. It was actually pretty good to be back in Philly. We now have some good friends there.
The Warlocks at The Bowery – Amazing show :

A couple of days later we drove through Memphis, and I went to Graceland. It was a really great experience…Go, if you can:

The back yard where Elvis is buried:

We are now in Austin. I will write again later. We have a few dates with The Start now before we meet back up with The Warlocks and Morning After Girls.

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