>London and missing videos…

>OK, I realize I have been a bit slow to update the blog lately.
As most of you know we went to London to do a few shows. It was so amazing being back. We pretty much lived there a couple of years ago, so it was really nice seeing some friends and jjust walking around in the city.
First thing we did was go back to Hyde Park. It was easy getting there, we were staying in an apartment right across the street.
The soul brothers chillin’ out:

And a Doherty moment:

The hardest part was the time change. We really didn;’t sleep much. One morning I got up around 5.30 am and finally just went out. This picture is from Queensway at 6.30am.

A really nice surprise was to see my friend Phil again. I met Phil 10 years ago, when I used to play shows at The Whiskey in West Hollywood, and he was the soundguy back then. Now he lives in London and he ended up being our soundguy while we were there. That was so awesome:

My favorite show was the Barfly show:

It was our most important show, and it also turned out to be the coolest of them all. It was packed, and that is always a nice feeling.
I had a few videos from the show I wanted to post here. But….They are gone. I must have deleted them by accident, and I am so pissed. I found one of them, but the sound is gone. Very strange. But my computer is also 5 years old. I guess I should just be happy that it’s still running.
I will post more blogs from Denmark, where I am on vacation until the next tour.

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