>My week in Hollywood..

>I have been meaning to write a blog every day for the past week. I guess I will just write 1 blog about my entire week instead.
First, I went to the Thrust Drums photo shoot. If you still have not seen their drums, please check them out. They are amazing !
If you stop by the show room, you may even run into Mario, the mastermind behind the business:

You may also run into this little guy:
Toby – the man who builds the drums–

Then I moved to Hollywood (thank you Taylor and Heidi ), where I spent 4 days in the studio with indie producer The Fox, who we recorded with in the past. While on tour, we spoke on the phone and decided to do a weird EP together in just a few days. And weird it was, we had fun !
Here’s the beautiful view outside the studio:

And the man with the noisy toys:

After moving to Hollywood I decided to go hiking every day. It is so pretty up there in the park.

I realized as I went up there, it had been 10 years since I had been there last. That’s too long.
My next adventure was THE BEACH !!!

My friend Gitte from Denmark was visiting. So we spent a lot of time together. Now, my Danish is almost perfect again.
We walked from Santa Monica to Venice:

While we were down there, everybody found out about Michael Jackson. All of a sudden all the stores were playing his music and people were yelling his name everywhere. It was wild. And of course Hollywood Blvd was out of control with tourists by the time I came back home.

I remembered I used to go to the library when I first moved to Hollywood, so I decided to go back. I realized they have a bunch of great movies you can rent for free. So I finally got to see Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. My favorite was Casablanca – for several reasons….

Saturday I went to see East of Eden at the cemetery. It was VERY cold.

Sunday we played at the Echoplex, it was an animal shelter benefit. So thanks to everybody who came out and donated money to the cute little animals.
Monday we recorded 7 songs for a podcast somewhere in the valley and later I went with a couple of friends to see Transformers. Bad choice !! DO NOT GO !! Fortunately I had borrowed the Chaplin collection from the library, so I had something good to watch before bed πŸ™‚
Now it’s tuesday night and I have tomorrow to pack and get organized for the UK trip. We leave thursday morning.
So….I will talk to you from London. Good night and much love…Victoria


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