>Twitter game

>What’s up ya’ll. We are in Texas and after being gone for 2 1/2 months we are getting slightly bored out here on the road. PLease entertain us by playing the Twittergame…..See more info below.
Also, our tour with Von Iva kicked off a couple of nights ago and we are having a blast.
See you aloang the way.

May 25 FIREBIRD St. Louis, Missouri
May 27 ROCK BOTTOM San Antonio, Texas
May 28 EMO’S Austin, Texas
Jun 2 BOMBARDIERS El Paso, Texas
Jun 3 PLUSH Tucson, Arizona
Jun 5 THE ROXY THEATRE West Hollywood, California
Jun 6 SLIMS San Francisco, California
Jun 8 THE RED ROOM Kennewick, Washington
Jun 9 DOUG FIR LOUNGE Portland, Oregon
Jun 10 STUDIO SEVEN Seattle, Washington

As for the foolin’ around with us on Twitter… Here’s how it goes… Ask us “A or B” questions like “guitars or synths?” “east coast or west coast?”, but, ya know, get creative. Post these to Twitter with “@voniva @gliss” so that both bands on tour receive them, and then both bands will reply publicly with their responses. We’ll probably ask you guys some questions, too. So what’s the point? Fun, mostly! Driving from city to city can get boring, keep us entertained. But we’re also going to keep it interesting by giving away tickets and t-shirts to our favorite playas. See you out there…


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