>New York


We have spent a couple of days in New York and it has been great. I love New York. Unfortunately this is when our tour manager Zuhair, also known as “The Hair”, had to leave us. We got him really drunk the last couple of nights. It was great, he kept yelling stuff like “You ass holes are ruining my life” and “cunt rockets” …He really loves us..

When we played at Mercury Lounge we had a couple of hours off in the afternoon. Martin and David decided to sleep in the van. I went shopping on Broadway in the rain. It was awesome:

The next morning we had to get up real early to go do a radioshow in Philadelphia.

One of the nights we stayed in Newark, which turned out to be a big mistake. That’s the night someone broke into our van and stole our gear. So sad…Here we are filing a police report:

Today we were off. I slept til 2pm, that was great. Then I went for a walk and went to the movies at night.
Tomorrow we are going back to PA. But we will be back in New York in a couple of days.
Now it’s time for bed……

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