>Brown veggies

>It’s midnight and we are in our hotel room in Connecticut. We drove all day – again… Spending all day in a van causes weird situations like this one:

So here’s an interesting observation. Veggies are brown and deep fried in West Virginia. We stopped somewhere for lunch and I had the “Veggie plate”, and this is what I got:

It came with cornbread, and if you don’t see it, it’s because it’s brown and deep-fried too. It’s interesting that the plate contains 4 different vegetables and cornbread…
Last night we played in Thomas, West Virginia. I have been pretty good at talking about the killer shows we’ve had on this tour, so why not be honest and mention, that last night’s show was a bit different. The town was pretty much in the middle of the mountains and a forest. Here’s a picture of the city:

The people we met were very nice, but about 90% of the stores were closed. And they were interesting shops too. Like this one:

When we left this morning there was so much fog everywhere, we couldn’t even see the road. That was my favorite part of the visit. It looked amazing.

Tomorrow we are playing in Boston and then monday we are in NYC !!!! Cannot wait to be back in New York.

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