We are now on our way out of Florida. We were here thursday, friday and saturday. It was really amazing, for sure the best part of the tour so far. Huge crowds and great parties, and of course amazing weather. I loved being by the water finally.
And I saw a baby gator: ( don’t tell me it isn’t a gator ! )

Cruising on a boat in Jacksonville:

Saturday we made it to Miami Beach and it was so amazing. I had cuban food, hung out at the beach and visited Versace’s mansion, where I had a $15 juice ! (it was good )

And this is what the guys were doing:

While I was walking around by the beach I saw this killer old car, so when I got back to the van I said ” I saw this killer old Buick”, and the guys have been teasing me ever since, for saying that. According to them, those words have never before come out of a person’s mouth – under the age of 80… But here is the “killer old Buick” :

I was really looking forward to seeing some alligators, and we found out that to go from Miami to Tampa, you go through “alligator alley”, so I thought I was all set. We started driving, and…I FELL ASLEEP AND MISSED THE WHOLE THING !!!!!
I guess I will have to come back πŸ™‚


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