>KEXP in Seattle

>After spending 3 or 4 days in Portland we made it to Seattle. We did KEXP this morning and now we are staying at a friend’s house.
It was nice and sunny today. I went to a nice park in the afternoon, while the guys were sleeping and David was working on his phone.

The last day in Portland we went downtown to the famous donut shop: Voodoo Donuts.
They have ALL donuts, including the bacon donut and the ‘cock and balls’ donut. They were out of the ‘cock and balls’ unfortunately, I was looking forward to taking a picture of it.
Next to the donut shop is the Paris Theater. We were told if you go in, you have to have sex on the stage, or they will kick you out. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but the people telling the story were very convincing.
This week we have a few 12 hour drives, we are not looking forward to that. But one thing we are looking forward to, is getting our vinyl. They are sending it to our hotel in Nebraska.
Tonight we are playing at El Corazon and then we are off to Spokane.


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