>BlueBalls and PissBoners

>San Francisco was so awesome – as always. We were staying in Noe Valley with our friend, and ended up spending the whole afternoon at the bar. It was sweet.

Outside area in the back – 3 levels, real chill …A lot like being back in Camden.

The venue was odd though. It looked like a giant pirate ship, but as one of the photographers said “fuck the sound, it’s a good place to party”. And so we did…

Today we had to drive to Portland. Driving ALL DAY !!! Oregon is beautiful. Huge mountains with snow and lots of lakes,

Right now we are about 2 hours from Portland. It’s dark out and we are so spaced out. So to stay awake we are playing insanely loud music. Marty is DJ’ing, so we are listening to Beastie Boys and music from the late 90’s. Its fun. When Zuhair is driving we listen to Mountain Goats.
When me and David are in the front we listen to Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Eminem and anything else with cool beats….. Which can be difficult when driving. They always tell me (yell at me) ” focus on the road – NOT DANCING”
But who can sit still when listening to Timbaland, really?

David got mad respect at Burger King earlier. We are all 4 sitting inside eating. All of a sudden David goes ” I can rip one that would be sooo loud right now”, so of course we are like “do it dude”. So he goes “I am totally spreading my ass cheeks right now, so my hole is touching the plastic chair”, and then he just went for it. And believe me, it was loud. All the retired couples at the other tables were laughing at him. It was so disgusting. The plastic chair was hollow and sort of acted as a speaker.

Oh, and in case Matty is reading this, you might want to know that the guys mentioned ” Matty” and “Tuna Can” a few times today….. I believe it’s called Bromance. On that subject, earlier today I am in the front seat with Zuhair, and I hear Marty and David laughing and turn around, and this is what’s going on: David is holding his hands up facing each other, forming a hole, while Marty is sliding a banana in and out…

Yes, good times…. And now it’s raining.

It’s interesting being the only girl around a group of guys. You really get to know a few things. Very entertaining.Today I have certainly learned about blue balls and waking up with a “piss boner”….

Ok, that’s probably enough for today….


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