>road pics

>just got back into town for a few days and am looking forward to getting my hair cut and doing some laundry! rolled into san diego last night to play at the beauty bar and we could feel the california air, and it felt good! so we decided to drive home the 2 or so hours after the show and get an extra night in our beds. i am going to leave you with some highlights of the tour so far in pictures…

road wrecked in oakland at the upland

getting ready in tucson at hotel congress

driving through texas

flat in fort stockton

grumpy bear

victoria and Liela from the Duke Spirit

misc. pics from the road

my buddy E Major guarding my Loco

shrek is all business. i cant tell if bacon wants in on the call or just the photo

rest stop somewhere texas. i was in the stall and read it, then noted the date, which was the day we were there, then i noticed the time which was in 30 min! i had a total dumb and dumber moment!

killer suite on a 18 hole golf resort in scottsdale. full jacuzzi tub, bedroom, kitchen, patio, etc etc.

victoria, who has never really driven is now learning from the best (me). she is a very good student and is doing very well. here is her driving on hwy 8 between pheonix and san diego through some pretty mountainous roads… well done!

phewww… now we are home and going to be playing Spaceland tomorrow, then off on the rest of the tour! we will be done in the middle of june…. see you on the road!


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