>Amplifier Magazine : Gliss review

Gliss is a band that’s eager to share every part of itself with you on its latest release, Devotion Implosion. This über-hip, three-piece act is based out of Los Angeles and sounds like its heart is set on being the unlikely cool kids of twenty-first century rock, much like the Velvet Underground was for its own generation. Devotion Implosion is filled with an unbridled energy that’s powered with hazy distortion and a deep, underlying darkness in its tone. Martin Klingman sings with a desperate desire for emotional release, which constantly emanates through Gliss’ music and makes this band fascinating to listen to. Contributing to the album’s well roundedness is the great range in music, from dark disturbance bordering on melodrama to compact jams that make you want to stop everything and groove, and intricate lyrics that will linger in your mind long after the music ends.

–Margot Buermann [March 2, 2009]


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