>Healthy and helpful tips !

>I woke up thinking about fruit….and the blog I didn’t write last night. As you may or may not know,we take turns writing blogs. My days are tuesday and friday. So now it’s wednesday morning and I have to write something. Fortunately I have the new issue of “Body and Soul”, so I can pass on some useful information. This blog is gonna be so exciting.
Did you know that Feb 9-Feb 15 is “Random Acts of Kindness Week” ? You are supposed to do something nice for a stranger. For inspiration go to :
Also I have noticed a lot of people being sick right now, so this next tip might be helpful to you. Thyme, also known as Thymus Vulgaris ( I didn’t make that up),
is one of the most potent plant treatments, it contains high levels of antimicrobial compounds that combat colds and flus as well as expectorant properties that can help tame coughs. You just boil water and pour it over 2 teaspoons thyme, and let it steep 10 minutes. Another good cold remedy, which I use a lot myself, is hot water with fresh ginger and lemon juice. It works !
This next tip, is news to me, but I believe anything they write in this magazine, so I will try it out. Turmeric ! An ancient Indian seasoning, also known as Curcuma Longa, comes from the Sanskrit word for “yellow”. Lots of health benefits, contains manganese, iron and even fiber. It protects against hardening of the arteries by reducing the buildup of cholesterol in cells, combats cancer by suppressing the growth of tumors, and disables certain harmful enzymes that cause inflammation.It’s also an excellent tool against Alzheimer’s disease.

I will pass on a few more healthy and helpful tips next month, when I get another issue of “Body and Soul”.

Now it’s time for breakfast; toast with almond butter and lots of green tea.
We are practicing at noon, and I need to record a bass line before then. I have put myself on a schedule, so I don’t spend my whole day on Facebook and Net-a-Porter.

Much love ;;;;;;;;


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