>a bit about david

so here is a bit about me….

im %50 German & %50 Norwegian living in long beach. i like guitars, cooking meat and making experimental sauces with fresh herbs from the farmer’s market. i am militant about putting the toilet seat down… to a fault, i even do it in public bathrooms (i cant help it, its automatic). i drink apple juice every morning and i like good strong coffee, black. i love new gadgets and prunes, a dangerous combo. also, dark rum. i fall asleep every night listening to audio books. i prefer watching seasons of tv shows to watching movies. if you ask me what i think our new record sounds like i will say this: “the record sounds like the morning after… like laying around all day with the shades drawn, like getting ready to go out and do it all over again.”

ps a BIG thanks to everyone who grabbed the 2 preview tracks that came out on Itunes this past tuesday… we have sold more copies of Sad Eyes in one day than any other song! i cant wait for you all to hear the rest of the record!!!

stay gold!



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