>Gadget Alive

>i spent all morning taking my phone apart. my friend gave me her old one the other day which is a big upgrade from the old school one i was rocking for the last year and a half. the damn thing practically took two 9 volt batteries. anyways, the speaker on this new one was all distorted and jacked up. she took it to the shop and they said might be able to fix it but it would take a while, but since she needed a phone right then and there, she bought a new one and gave me this old one. so i took it in, and they said that they do not do repairs, and since I didnt have the warranty on this phone, they could not send it in and there was nothing they could do. i went home bummed cause i thought i was back to my old schooler, then i found this amazing web site that not only tells you how to make all kinds of cool projects, but has guides on how to dismantle any gadget or device you can think of. so i looked up the new phone, got out some tools, and stripped the phone down all the way to the bare circuitry, found the speaker issue and put it all back together good as new! feeling like a damn handyman, like i can fix anything! i have a camera somewhere that is broken i might just have to dig that out and fix it too. so if you need something repaired, call up Big D’s Gadget Alive: where your device is born again. (800)555-5565.


ps dont forget to go to itunes tomorrow to check out a couple tracks off the upcoming album, “devotion implosion”

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