>Rilo Kiley at The Greek !

Last night was surprising. My plan was to go check out the opening reception of Mr. Brainwash. I was going to go early, but fell asleep. That happens to me a lot actually… So I ended up going around 8.30. Big mistake !! There must have been 500 people in line, it literally went all the way around the block. I was so disappointed. But then after a trip to Starbucks, I ended up getting free tickets to go see Rilo Kiley at The Greek Theater. It was really cool. It’s one of those bands I never got around to check out for some reason. So it was really nice to see them, they sounded amazing. ( and looked amazing…I love that combo)
Tonight I am headed down to Spaceland with Lex Love. ( that is, if i don’t fall asleep again… I ended up going for a 2 hour walk today, in the heat…..I was so out of it when I finally came back home)


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