>gearing up for sxsw

>just got back from the store getting all the essentials for the road. gotta have my instant oatmeal and apple juice in the mornings, ranch flavored sunflower seeds for the long stretches behind the wheel, and my mango gatorade because you gotta stay hydrated in the desert bro! Been ripping some dvd’s to put onto my ipod and getting the external hard drive loaded up with entertainment for all. as some of you may know, we never made it to sxsw last year because we had a nasty, nightmarish breakdown halfway there and were stranded. we lost about 2 weeks of our lives, but came who knows how close to loosing them all together. it was VERY no country for old men. but out of that debacle came our new van so i am fairly confident we will make it this year to the biggest party sxsw of the mississippi! we are all looking forward to playing a bunch of shows down there for you all!! check the upcoming shows for any late additions or afterhour parties we decide to play…. lets get loose and have a good time!! its on!!!


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