>recording recording recording……..

>Sorry about the missing blogs, it’s just been kinda busy. As you know we started recording last month, and we are still working on that. We did some rough mixes tonight of 3 songs after finishing some harmonies. Finally being able to hit “bounce to disk” is a good feeling.
I forced myself to go outside today. So I went up to Griffith Park and watched strangers play golf. It’s my favorite kind of exercise.
Marilyn Manson is playing at the Wiltern on friday. I want to go so bad, but the tickets are $50 plus all the ticketmaster fees. I guess the only place I will be watching him is on youtube. Fortunately I did get to see him a few years ago at MTV music Awards. It was so rad, I have loved him ever since.
i am for sure going to look him up on Youtube right now ! Peace out !

PS For those who care, I am making a short movie, whenever we are not recording. It’s 15 minutes long. You will be able to get a copy later. It won’t be done until at least a month from now. I am working on effects right now. It’s so exciting….But now I am going to look for Manson…..


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