>On the westcoast


We are in San Francisco now. We were pretty excited to get back to the westcoast. As we crossed the border from Nevada to California we had the iPod on Party-shuffle, and the second we crossed, the song switched to “California Dreaming”. Trippy !
Anyways…We had fun in Utah. We did a TV show while we were there, up in the mountains. It was crazy cold. We went to the Olympic Park. It was really pretty up there.

Later in the night we actually had time to go shopping, which is one of our favourite things to do:

Reno was fun as well. We stayed at a big resort. Sweet rooms, sweet view. David had most of his fun at the casino of course… The next morning we had breakfast at some restaurant in the casino, and Martin ordered a large orange juice, and the large was insanely small, so he sent it back, whisch resulted in the owner/Madam almost killed him. She was a little too tough, but we had a laugh ! She schooled us on Juice sizes…It was amazing.

We finally went to SF. It was so awesome finally seeing a bunch of people we know. We even had friends from LA at the show.
Today we went for a long walk. It was raining-still is. I finally got some rain boots. The guys are mad jelous, but they won’t admit it.
Cheers homies. See you in LA on monday for the CD Release party πŸ™‚


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