>visions from martin……..days blur into the distance

>i am in twin falls, idaho tonite. out under the stars shining so clear. my mind is drained and happy to be still for the moment. we have been on the go for quite some time. i feel like i am either getting up to drive, loading into a venue or putting my head to the pillow. it has been alot to take in. we just passed 11,000 miles driving through the US and Canada. woooooo baby that is alot. i am feeling it. we will be back in la la land on monday the 12th. for a return home show – headlining the Indie 103 Night @ the Viper Room. looking forward to seeing all my friends and fans. can’t wait !

as for now. my belly is full of BBQ goodies. david and victoria are quite the outdoors cookers. we have nick named victoria “hot buns” for her keen sense of heating up hot dog buns over the open fire.

it is hard to believe, but i think we have listened to almost all of the music in my ipod. i have the 30 gig one with video. it is pretty reliable. i found a few albums that were being missed on the “shuffle” setting. so now we are going through all the albums that have been overlooked and playing them…..goood or bad. just to hear something new. ahhhh something new !!!

my hats off to all touring bands once again. it’s now all smoke and mirrors.
it’s also long drives and beautiful fans making every show special and reminding me each time. wow – connecting is so very cool and intimate. sharing the moments onstage with the crowd. losing all thoughts and falling into the songs….

love songs…..holding holding…..love songs……holding holding …..

much love,



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