>FARGO and the diary of me

>have you ever seen the movie FARGO ?

if not …… go rent it. TIP TOP !

Gliss is in Fargo today. which is just below Winnipeg, Canada. we have a night off from the hectic tour life. it’s pretty sweet here. i drove today for a couple of hours and it was really beautiful. when i wanted to change lanes on the interstate, people did not cut me off or speed up to keep me from. i have to say i have been quite impressed with alot of the states we have travelled through.

I have seen several deer and bufallo along this journey, cows, pigs, fields of crops, john deer tractors, birds, blue skies, green green meadows, smiles from cheering fans, lakes, rivers, bridges, frineds, raveonettes, hotels, floors, sleeping bags, bars, skylines, off ramps and on ramps, gas stations, the unforgettable restrooms of the venues, the inside of the van from the drivers seat and VIP Lounge we created, merch booth, pool tables, ms pac man games, sound checks, stinky microphones, showers, highway signs, drunk ass dudes in the crowd begging for sharin, chicks complimenting victorias breasts, broken drum sticks, sound men, security dudes, money, emails and texts from my loved ones, and much more than words can express.

life on the road with my band is great. we are laughing alot and pulling together. listening to many songs on my ipod. dancing in the van – shaking my ass in the drivers seat.

rest stops are lovely. big trees and wide open land. i love LA and i love the country as well.

i don’t miss the city, but i do miss my friends and family.

see you @ the Viper Room back in LA on Nov 12th

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– martin


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