>Where the f*ck are we…

>Last night we played in Columbus Ohio. The crowd was wild. We had girls in the front row screaming the whole time. I have to admit I loved it.
After the show we drove about an hour to a campground we had booked earlier that day. We didn’t really know where it was, but we had our GPS. We ended up on small backroads in the middle of nowhere in a big amish community. It got scarier and scarier the further we went. Martin was ready to turn around and go straight to Cleveland. I was a little worried myself. I might have just seen too many horror movies. But it was straight out of “wrong turn”. All you could see was a narrow road and big trees. At one point we saw a large black animal on the side of the road with shiny eyes. We are convinced it was a cougar. Later on we saw Bambi jumping around to the right of the van. We filmed the road last night, it doesn’t look as scary on camera as in real life.
Anyways, we found the camp ground and got some sleep. This morning we woke up to the sound of rain. It was pouring down. We made some coffee and watched Entourage, then we took off. So now we are on our way to Cleveland.

Oh…And here’s a picture of one surprised David Riess. Somebody (?) put something VERY spicy on his burrito….haha…


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