>Lady looks like a dude

>So we are driving again. This time through Alabama. We had a great time in New Orleans. We got to see our friend Al, and he took us out to explore the city. Before our show we went to this tiny little liquor store, where they have all kinds of fancy food in the back. I got some spinach thing, that was amazing. But they must have given me a pound of it, and it was less than $5.
Back at the club they were getting ready to open the doors, so I decided to go to the women’s bathroom to do my make up. I walk in, and this dude is standing there staring at me. I quickly step back and open the door again and double check the sign, to make sure I am in the right place. And as I do so, the person in the bathroom says “Yes ! I am a girl “… I didn’t have anything to say, there was no way I could talk myself out of that situation. It was pretty obvious I thought she was a dude.
Oh well…
The club was cool and we played with Silver Apples, which was so entertaining. He’s a rad guy.

After the show we went to get beignets, I believe they are called. They are french doughnouts with lots of powdered sugar.

The next day we went to the french market, and we walked by the Mint. We also went to the area where Katrina hit. It was crazy. SOme of the houses are completely gone, but the driveways are still there. And the street signs are gone, but a few streets had a piece of cardboard with a handwritten street name. I had already seen a lot of it on tv, but it is different actually seeing it for real.

Now we are somewhere in Albama. David is driving. Here are some pics:


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