>peeping tom

>so we are on tour at the moment.
i was driving the new van from el paso,texas into austin….everything was going smooth. i was on a serious role. driving like 300 miles. in the zone. we have the ipod on shuffle, keeps things fresh, when boom ! peeping tom comes on the ipod. i hadn’t heard it in awhile and i was like hey ! this is fun….next thing i know the guitar solo gets going and i look down and i am doing 90 mph….then i look to my left and there is a sherrif on the other side of the highway. i quickly let off the gas and next thing i know, he crosses the center divider and flips his flashy lights on !! OOOOHHHHH
SHIT !!! am i getting pulled over ???? the speed is 80 mph in the daytime, so i am thinking…..hmmmmm —- david told me in texas they don’t play that 10 mph over the speed thing. 5 mph over and you get zapped !! so yes, i get pulled over. ah shit !!!
i was doing so well. i was the last person anyone would think to get pulled over, since i kinda like to roll all chilled out when i drive. but no ! i get asked to “please, step out of the car” ok, i am thinking, just chill and get this over with. he has me come to the back of the van and slaps me on the ass !!! — no, i am just kidding. he says, i pulled you over because you were clocked at 86 mph in an 80 zone.
“i understand sir”, i say. please show me your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. i have to go thru the van in the back to find all the proper papers. after he fills out all the paper work, he asks me again to come step to the back of the van. he says ” where are you headed?” Austin, Sir – he also asks me if i am in a band, i say yes. we chat for a bit longer about music, that i am hoping he will have a clue of. and next he says, i am going to let you off with a WARNING !!! please sign here and watch you speed.

wooooooo hooooooooooooo baby

sooooooooooooo close !!!

i get off with a slapon the wrist and we are laughing in the van with relief, and at the fact, that i got pulled over for speeding.

much love mr. peeping tom – i’ll get you


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