>the Widow Maker

>happy labor day everybody!!! i hope you were able to beat the heat today, it was hot as hell!!! today me and my girl went down to the beach, along with like 100,000 other people, but at least it was 20 degrees cooler and the water was amazing! i swam and body surfed for like an hour and then got out, and was actually cold for the rest of time there, it was so nice. then went back to the pad and it was still WAY to hot inside so we went out to the closest cold place to eat that we knew we would have to be in there for awhile. so we ate at claim jumper cause i have never eaten there before and it was so cold in there i was actually shivering waiting for the food! i ordered the widow maker burger. that thing was INSANE!! half an avocado on it, bacon, onion rings, cheese; it was about the size of my face but way more delicious. so now i am home and about ready to make some drinks, smoke a little somethin, and watch the last flight of the concords of the season before i watch the new californication. i hope you all had an awesome 3 day weekend! cheers!



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