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gone !!!!

seems the more we go through life, the more we enter new experiences and at some point have to walk away from them to find newer experiences. some times this can be scary and feel out of control. after time we cross new ground and new inspiration. i go through this all the time. if you are going through a time in your life that is intense, unfamiliar…… try and let go.

looking inside, looking outside and pulling togther. hang on to your friends. stay close and stay gold !

the band is gearing up for our tour and we have been also working on new songs. it has been really fun and funny. trying to play this keyboard part while drumming and singing….i was all over the keys the other day. we were smiling.
i have been digging the recordings of wolf parade. if you haven’t heard them, go check em out. cool vibe and great drumming. the thing with working on new songs is kinda what i was mentioning. i like to show up and try try try to just let it happen. space out and see what happens….let go. when i am up against the wall…i just fall……….some sorta thing out there reminds i am one in the game…

– martin


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