>teats and sas

>dang… i know i may be a little late to jump on this, but the new tegan and sara is the SHIT!!!! i cant get enough of it. pretty much every song on it is amazing. also been jammin the ratatat remixes vol 2. its the typical dope ass ratatat sounds but with some hip hop heavy weights like jay z, Notorious B.I.G. ect on the top of it. it is slammin fo sho! so do yourself a favor and check these 2 records out. in other news, i got my hair cut from a new guy at a new salon… i hate that shit, they just never get it, do they? so now i am cut real short, i feel like a freshly shorn little lamb. its a good cut i guess… ill just have to give it a couple weeks. other than that, life is good and i am drinking white russians! the dude abides.



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