>well good morning. how are you ??
i am feeling good. passed out just after midnight and woke up kinda early. but i don’t mind…the morning is this safe peaceful quiet time before the world takes over with all of it’s important distractions.
i am having some killer coffee from Denmark. it’s the shit. over there. they have this instant coffee that is better than most fresh coffee….kick major ass over starbucks any day of the week. i am going to drink coffee bought in LA … it would have to be trader Joes french roast. that gets my vote. david usually makes a big thermos of it when we take a road trip….and it ZZZZAPS me !!! youch !! wake up and get going. this stuff is like my old buddy inky used to call ROCKET FUEL. BLAST OFF !!!!
i also have this crazy black peach tea made by ELIXR. woooo baby. i brew this up and then leave it in the fridge over night. talk about ROCKET FUEL. BOOOOOOOOOM.
ok. so there it is. we are getting pretty excited about this tour coming up. i think we will be leaving late sept or early oct. raveonettes shows begin in brooklyn, ny on oct 10th.
their new songs sound amazing. lust lust lust is the new record they are putting out. should be pretty awesome from the tracks i have heard.

this saturday – tommorrow. GLISS is performing @ The Detroit bar in Coast Mesa with our friends Midnight Movies. that should be fun. the shows starts around 9pm. but you know rock n roll shows….always behind schedule. we got an offer to play on the main stage @ the Eagle Rock Music Festival this year. which is really cool. i think we will be on tour at the time of the festival, but who knows ??? we might be able to work it in. i’d love to play it. we’ll have to see our tour dates and see if it can work out.

i saw Tiny Vipers play at spaceland last night. they were really great. what a voice !

have a great weekend and we’ll see you @ THE DETROIT BAR on Saturday

– martin


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