>unispired and generic

>i gotta say that i had a blast last night playing for you all! thanks to every one of you that made the trek west on a school night and let your hair down. i have to talk a bit about the drunk dude playing the guitar outside who, according to his own PR team (himself and his even more inebriated friend), is going to change the course of the world in a positive way through the most phenomenal and ‘unmediocre’ delta tuned slide blues riffs you will ever hear because, as he says, “never trust mediocrity. mediocrity will only bring you down (he loves that word)!” he was saying all of this while sitting on the sidewalk playing the most uninspired and generic acoustical slide guitar. he kept on pestering me for a light every few minuets cause his cig would go out so i got to dive deep (whether i wanted to or not) into his life and his theories with him. he is 24, a squatter, a good looking guy(according to him) and if he wasnt dirty and playing on the street and at open mics he would be a musical revolutionary the likes of which we have never seen. “its all about class, man. people wont give me the time of day. but you just wait, by this time next year i will be where you are, man, and ALL these people will see that what ive been saying all this time is truth, and they WILL follow. but im not going to be one of those people that looks down on others just because of where they are… its all about love…….. man. i know im drunk and im getting dramatic, but when you are drunk you tell the truth. you will never find a more honest man than a drunk.
Can i get that lighter from you one more time, my ciggie went out again.”



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