>Hej Hej !
Thanks so much to all our lovely fans for such an amazing show last night.
WOW !! thanks Melissa, DJ Jim & Mr. Shovel over at Indie 103.1 fm for having us and making the night extra special.
You are the best. what a turn out at the Viper Room. special thanks to our buds Moderates, io Echo & black kite for putting on a great show. Gliss has one more show until our tour, which is this saturday in Costa Mesa @ The Detroit Bar w/ The Midnight Movies.

i was chatting with my new friend Angela about some early Cure records and live shows after our set last night. she was wearing the Pornagraphy shirt from the Cure. way cool !
i was mentioning a classic video concert of theirs called In Orange. i believe it was on the Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me Tour. they played early classics…Piggy in the Mirror, Shake dog Shake, 100 years, etc… if you have not seen this video and it’s a little harder to find than others…SEARCH. it is the Cure at their best line-up. soon after they delivered the incredible Desinigration…i think i spelled it wrong ??? that album is a studio masterpiece !! get it now…while you are still breathing.

i was strolling around the streets of west hollywood after our show and it was so nice and quiet. lovely homes in the backstreets. i had to pee, so i did the illegal use of the lawn and let it hang so to speak.ahhhh … nothing like letting it breathe in the open air..kinda like camping in the city.

i saw this coyote on the way home. he was pretty cool looking. i think they are cute in a hungry feed me kinda way. i am not sure if i could just go up to one and hand him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but……?????? time will tell. if you watched shark week on discovery……. you would have seen this cool dude, hand feeding sharks way out in the middle of ocean. this guy is my hero. i hope he sticks around for awhile… GULP !!!

ok…. see you on saturday @ the Detroit Bar

i love you

– martin


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