>how about i call you bitch!

>so i have been helping out with the family business out in the OC when they need it and when i am in town. it is at a photography studio where they deal mainly with the 3 high schools in the area. sometimes, when it is the school dance seasons i go out to the proms and take pictures, but right now they are taking all the schools senior pictures and it is NUTS! Kids coming in all day long, all summer long to get photographed. most of the kids and parents are cool and we have a good time joking about, but there are some days where…. jesus, i wanna strangle some of these mothers! i remember one from last year i called the kid back to the studio portion by his name, lets say it was thomas.
“hey come on back, thomas.”
mother:”oh dont call him thomas, he hates thomas.”
me: “oh ok, come on back tom.”
mother: “No, dont call him tom, call him Looser because that is what he is… a freakin’ LOOSER.”
In front of a full lobby of like 7 kids! i wanted to be like “how about i call you BITCH you crazy, drunk COW!!!” i could go on and on with some of the craziness i see coming in; everything from hair freak outs, to insane outfits, to some wardrobes that are pretty damn close to malfunctioning! and thats just when they come and get photographed, then we deal with the them when they get their proofs back and they hate them cause they look ugly or fat or this or that…. im telling you, it’s the real OC for sure! like i said though, for the most part everyone is pretty easy going and it all goes smoothly. anyways i just had to rant on that… its been a long week… i hope to see you all out on monday for our viper room show. its going to kick some serious ASS! email us if you want to get on the guest list….



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