>Paris Hilton + Disco Metro !

>i stumbled along the streets of the west side yesterday. hung out on top of the beverly center. that’s my secret chill spot. i can relax up there. the wind blows smmooooooth.
it’s like 15 stories high. you can view all of LA. quite nice ! i went into this movie theatre on beverly and fairfax. $3 matinee !! holy moly – that is incredible. i saw A Mighty Heart w/ angelina jolie. it was very good. a true story. that is all i will tell you. i don’t like to know much about a flik when i go see it and i wouldn’t want u to know much either. enjoy it if you go. heavy !!
when the movie let out….7pm, i decided to cruise around on the westside some more. it was like a vacation on top of a vacation. i went into this gag – shop that is frequented by Paris Hilton. she has been spotted at this shop more than a few times. i quite enjoyed myself. once i found the cursing maching and fart machine – it was on !!!!
i called my friends.. leaving them voice mails with my new entertainment sounds..
this one machine goes ” you fucking asshole ” and then DDDDDRRRRRR ahhhhh goes the fart machine into Lex”s voicemail. i can’t wait to hear from him if i ever do ??? again ??
LEX ????
hello ?????????

the Hustler shop has some funny gifts as well. all my friends can look forward to their birthdays this year. lots fun toys !!

i ran into Disco Metro. this is a bus you can rent $100/hr. and party down. the dude who owns it: Tommy 310 376 0376 is very cool. i asked him ” how much would it coast to drive my band to NY and back. he laughed…..and then said “i’d have to add it up, but i could work it out” he also has sleeper buses, which are the proper touring bus for bands w/ sweet $$$$$$$. they usually hold 15-18 people. we toured in one last yar in the UK with just 6 of us on it. talk about comfort and space.

i popped over to the viper to see my friends moving to paris, they had a very good show and i ran into mellissa who books their. she is very sweet and down for fun. also their was pete from Moderates. so it was rally nice to cruise the west side and gather all of these memories.

i rolled home and listened to wolf parade. i got my new issiue of Tape Op magazine. this has stories and interviews with music producers/studios/etc……. they had the guy that mixed Wolf Parade. it was cool. i love these guys that are like : ” you don’t need to have some expensive mic to make a great record, you need great songs and a gret performance” the vibe is crucial. $$$$$ can’t buy you a gret record he says. only you can make a great record.


I love it

: – )


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