>I really need a trip….

>to Denmark and Paris. I need it so bad, I actually got a bag for travelling.A real nice Betsey Johnson bag. That will keep me happy until I’m on the plane again. I want to go to Europe with my friend Laura. She has never been. I am afraid if she goes alone, she might not come back, so I have to go with her, to keep an eye on her.
Tonight I went downtown to The Blue Star to hang out with Moderates and all the hot girls they surround themselves with. It was a fun time, but I went home early to work out a bit. YES! Can you believe it, I actually work out. Just a little bit, though..
This whole week has been insane trying to get our cd release party together. I am starting to think we might need to change our extravagant plans… I swore we wouldn’t be another band celebrating with cupcakes at the local bar. I might have spoken too soon. That will teach me, haha..
See you next week,

love to you all


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