>the 5 on SPEED

>RUSHING up the 5 to San francisco is where it’s at. my sunday was pretty smooth sailing.
made it to The City is 6 hours. drove the entire way…minus a few bridges. they make me queezzy….ahhhhhhh…ooohhhhhhh. something about them and tunnels, but i am getting better. i’ll have to see the doctor about that.
david didn’t get much rest the night before so i took the horse by the reigns. kiddy-up !
looking forward to having the anteater take us under his wing. on a magic ride.
just sitting back…ahhhh
only 200 more miles — and then all the beer and p****y you can handle. god speed my good man.
i’ve got a bike…you can ride it if you like…..la la la………

let’s see….hmmmmm

just hanging today – saw my friends last night over at spaceland. we rolled in from SF around 6pm – had some food and then went to see some music. pretty fun night

getting warm and i am taking it easy today…

have fun

– martin


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