>GLISS – SPIN * Artist of the Day *

>welcome to the morning…..my favorite time of the day. stillness and possibility. you can taste and hear it if you lean in and take a moment.
i was lying on top of the beverly center yesterday over on the west side of town. if you ever need to catch a breath i suggest you head over. i had no idea it existed. go to the top floor and head south. you will find yourself looking over the entire LA area. it’s very special. i used to not like it so much here, but from touring and seeing other parts of the world, i have come to love and appreciate all the beauty LA has to offer. the museums, the mountain and hills, the ocean, the vegitation…it all makes LA special.
so push a few tables together and lay out under an umbrella. the breeze if $$Priceless !
up in the sky you are away from the worlds hunger to eat us. = Beverly & La Cienega.
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We just flew back from playing with the Pumpkins. it was fucking incredible. the crowd was loving it all. we met some great people and made lots of new friends and fans.
looks like SPIN has chosen GLISS to be * Artists of the Day * July 12th. thanks so much kids : – ).
don’t forget to check out SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Chanel. it starts on July 29th. this is their 20th Anniversary. Some dude is going to hang with great whites and attempt to pet them and just get incredibly close to the most feared creature in the deep blue sea. ooooooooooh
check out the new interpol. i am loving track #1.

– martin

PS – see you @ THE MAKE OUT ROOM – This sunday in S.F.

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