>punkin land

>so i am at the airport at a starbucks drinkin my drink and eatin my muffin enjoyin the wi-fi. our flight got delayed so here i am writing to you lot. first off, KILLER show last night with corgie and the pumpkin gang. they smashed the hell out of it playing an insane 3 hours in a room that was 100 degrees and %100 humidity. so we did our thing to open the night and played our blistering ‘punk rock’ set (according to some freshly won over new fans) and thanks so much to our new fans for listening and being so damn cool. you guys were awesome and that is what it is all about: getting in front of people and giving them a glimpse at what it is you do. we thank you guys so much for being so receptive to it, it really made the whole trip worthwhile, oh and billy saying how happy he was to see us again and how much he and his peeps dig what we do! “much love to you, BRO….MAN” After the show we drove back to the hotel and got in at 4:30 in the morning after a night filled with a lot of laughter, merriment, wine and spirits, discussions on music and the meaning of life ect. and had to get up at 9. so now i am at starbeezy starting to feel a bit more human and “ready to get this bird off the ground!!” see you in LBC tonight YEAH!



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