>i gotta take a leak

>well i wasnt sure it ever would, but the new pumpkins record has leaked. congrats team corgan for keeping it under wraps for so long, but i guess once you ship it out to the stores a week before the release date it is out of your control. for those of you who are at all curious i will give you a link where you can stream it at aol/spinner/listening party, legally, if you are ok with shitty sounding compression on it. all and all i think it is a lot better than many people feared, some classic corgie on it for sure and it rocks like almighty hell, but has music changed too much since the last pumpkins record, or have I? i think it’s me…not you B, its what i am going through and my own personal shit you know. ive been really into peter bjorn and john now and thats just about as hard as i rock. maybe when i really want to let loose, let my hair down, and go nuts i put on some early belle and sebastian eps or some django reinhardt. i just think that if someone popped it in for the first time as a new, no name band without your vocals on it, maybe i wouldnt be listening to it, maybe it would be too ‘heavy’ and too ‘rocking’ for me to handle… are you kidding me!!! you are one of the ones that showed me the almighty power of the BADASS riff! the last 90 seconds of United States has some of the dopest, dirtiest, coolest guitar lines ive heard in a long time! but i gotta say, maybe its because i’ve moved on from what i was listening to 7 years ago that i think my fav on the album is Neverlost. to me it feels the most contemporary to me and what my tastes are now. so congrats B on putting yourself out there again and doing a bang up job. i think that you have surprized all the naysayers out there and now lets sit back and watch them eat there words!
cant wait to see you rocking that shit OUT in a few days!!!


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