>A week of rad parties

>A million parties this week and I made it out to all of them except the Penthouse party. That was the night of the Roxy show, and we planned to drop off the equipment and go to the party afterwards. But for some reason, we had to leave our equipment in the parking lot and hang out there until we had to play. It turned out to be a fun place to hang out, but I would have preferred to go to the Penthouse party in Hollywood. The Roxy show was so much fun, especially for our friend who ended up making out with 2 hot girls. (read Martin’s blog below)
Yesterday I went to Marc and Lex’s bithday parties. Marc was talking about Brie from Trader Joe’s for 2 hours, it was great. I have to post some video…
Lex got a fart machine. You can time it, so it farts randomly. It’s awesome !


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