>Condoms @ GLISS shows !!!

>i have found that condoms @ GLISS shows are mandatory. our amazing visual artists king pin = The Anteater Mongoloid was attacked last night @ our Roxy show. now mind you, this was just after we played. gear was moved to the VIP area and BAM !!!!
Two young sweet mama’s came bouncing in….boing ….boing…..boing…”hi guys”…….
they were quite forward and all over us. next thing we know. The Mongoloid is making out with both young dears right there in front of the world. we were smiling from east to west. well done mongo !! well done !!!

in the event of such a lovely experience we highly recommend 1) accepting oral in the back seat of any car and/or bathroom or 2) grabbing some condoms @ Turners Liquor and banging the fuck out of them. mutual consent of course. a polite text indicating your needs is always encouraged. so next time you are at a GLISS show and these non-cirmcumsized events fall into your lap…….you now know what to do.

safe journeys

to infinity and beyond !!!


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