>its how I roll

>i started rolling my own cigies from being out in the UK so much. cigarettes are $12 a pack out there so most people roll their own, and once you get used to the fresh taste of them its hard to go back to the additives and cotton taste of the store bought brands. i recommend the bali shag blue pouch, those Danish folks sure know how to make quality tasting cancer.


1. Spread the tobacco out on the rolling surface into a rough shape of the finished product.
2. Take your rolling paper and rest it with the crease between your thumb and middle finger then rest your index finger in the crease to hold the paper down on whichever hand you feel most comfortable. Use the other hand to make any adjustments needed in order to make the paper look like a half pipe.
3. Then using the free hand begin at one end of the pile and delicately place the tobacco on the paper starting with the end you are holding it with. Progressively transfer the rest of the pile from the rolling surface to the paper. If needed, even out the tobacco along the paper to make it consistent.
4. Then take a hold of the paper with the other hand again resting it between your middle and thumb. Remove the index finger that was on your primary holding hand. The paper is now resting between the index and thumb of both hands with the tobacco evenly spread, except for where your index finger was.
5. Position the middle fingers so they roughly form a straight line from one end to the other. The thumbs should be holding the unrolled cigarette so it is positioned a little bit to the underside of the middle fingers. The contour of the fingers should initiate the shape of the cigarette
6. Now using the thumbs, begin rolling the cigarette between your thumb and middle fingers. While doing this, gradually apply pressure towards the ends of the cigarette by trying to make your thumbs and middle fingers parallel.
7. After the tobacco has been essentially molded into its proper shape, pull your thumbs downward to have the edge of the paper align with the top of the tobacco.
8. Increase the pressure applied by the thumbs while moving the middle fingers upward and complete the preliminary rotation without creasing the bottom edge of the paper. The front edge of the paper should tuck snugly behind the week as you begin to roll.
9. Complete the roll until the edge with glue remains. Apply a streak of saliva using the tongue. Seal the cigarette by applying even pressure without making any bends in the paper. Some smokers prefer to lightly twist each end of the cigarette. This will prevent the tobacco from falling out of a poorly packed cigarette.
10. If a filter is preferred, cut a rectangle out of soft cardboard. Make two creases in opposite directions at the end of one side of the cardboard to make it like an N. This will create something to roll around in addition to trapping any tobacco that may come loose.
11. The filter should be rolled a little smaller than the end of the cigarette so it is easily inserted. Once the cigarette is lit the heat from the smoke will expand the filter to a snug fit.
12. Apply any packing to the cigarette if it is needed.

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