>Absinthe is now legal in the US for the first time since 1912! background: first came out in france in 1805 to take after a meal to aid in digestion. it became hip in the 1880s when france’s wine production was hit by some crop disease. 10 years later when the wine industry recovered, everyone was drinking absinthe and the wine producers had to do something to solve their economic problems. so they demonized absinthe and said that it had hallucinogenic properties, which unfortunately it does not have, and im sure it did not hurt the cause that van Gogh cut off his ear under its influence, and author paul verlaine shot his friend arthur rimbaud after drinking a large glass of it. so this absinthe historian and a lawyer teamed up to overturn the ban in the US and they found that; “At the end of the day, modern science concluded that the only real problem with absinthe is abusing it, just like any other alcohol. And at 120 to 150 proof, there’s the potential for problems.” this US absinthe is called Lucid and as far as i know is only available at some shops and bars in new york. so drink up ! and follow the green fairy to new creative heights!!



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