>Pulp Fiction !

>Pulp Fiction set the standard for killer cinema in the 90’s for sure……Grind House was pretty damn excellent, as well. i had some good laughs going through this batch of goodies. one of my friends Elver has not seen either. i put him on a strict Tarentino diet this weekend. he is rocking Pulp Fiction tonite. i am looking forward to his report on my desk come monday. when he went to rent it @ blockbuster, he said the cashier could not believe he has not seen it yet. they had to ring the alarm and point him out the other folks looking for a cool flick. i think he now realizes where he stands in the world. we both came to the agreement, that after he watched Pulp Fiction, we could finally call him a man, in the truest meaning…ready to take on the world, fight crime and fuck !

I am still waiting for Tarentino to cast Chloe Saveigny…is that how it’s spelled ???? ahhh
oh well, she rules and he needs to put her ass in a flick. hopefully his next masterpiece will include her. the sun is shining brightly here in L.A. & as Darker My Love sings “Summers Here” !!! officially scorching on the west coast. we have another show just added to S.F. on July 15th @ the Make Out Room. Victor – the promoter hooked us up today and we are looking forward to making another venture to “the city”.

keep the dream alive !!
i want that one
bitty bitty……

– martin


One thought on “>Pulp Fiction !

  1. >Chloë Sevigny is the correct answer sir ! ;-)I didn’t tell it yet but it’s great to have some “daily” news from you guys.

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