>stupid crack heads

>do you or anybody you know gonna upgrade to the iPhone?? or have you already upgraded to the video ipod and have an old one laying around?? the reason why i am asking is because i got my window smashed out of the car a few days ago in broad daylight right outside my front window and i couldnt for the life of me figure out why. i had just finished detailing the thing so i KNEW there was nothing inside to steal. i NEVER leave my ipod in the car, not even when im just going into the store real quick, what am i and idiot! but alas, that night when i was getting ready to go to bed i was looking for my ipod cause i listen to audio books with the sleep timer on while i crash out, and i couldnt find it anywhere. that is when i put 2 and 2 together and realized that i MUST have left it in the car. ARRRRRRG!!!!! SO… can i get your old ipod? (doesnt hurt to ask does it?) so moral of the story: stay vigilant cause you never know when a desperate crack head is going to smash and steal your shit to get his next fix… yeah, no duh


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